5 Steps to Video Marketing on Facebook

5 Steps to Video Marketing on Facebook

Creating a successful video campaign on Facebook requires understanding the platform and how best to involve and engage individuals in your brand. Putting together fun and compelling videos for your audience on social media platforms is a popular and effective form of marketing. A well-planned campaign can attract new clients and prompt buyers into purchasing your product.

1. Plan What You Want to Do with the Campaign

The only way to build a successful video campaign is to know what your audience is looking for. Everyone wants to gain something useful from the content they read and view. Videos that explain how to do something and which inform as well as entertain are always popular. Humorous and fun videos are also likely to be shared by others to increase your audience.

2. How Are You Going to Track Your Audience?

The only way to discover if your Facebook video marketing is successful is to keep track of how many people are viewing the video and if those who are looking at it are also going through to your website to view your product or services. Facebook has an inbuilt system to help track your audience and how they relate to your content. Especially useful to discovering audience reactions to your video content is split testing. This allows you to test new promotions against old marketing videos so you can see how the audience reacts to each campaign. If your audience likes a particular piece, you can create similar content and if one video campaign does less well you can analyse it to learn from your mistakes.

3. Write a Script

A video script should have a certain structure to it to draw the viewer in and to ensure they watch the entire video. An audience wants to feel involved in the video with a direct appeal to them. It should hook them in by presenting a problem or scenario which they can connect to their own lives and so push them to feel invested in the video. At the end you should introduce your product as the solution to the problem or scenario you introduced earlier. The video should also be conversational, brief and to the point. It should provide an exact guide to what you want to say in the video so you don’t miss something vital and lose the message.

4. Record the Video

Your video should be recorded in an area where there will be no distracting background noise, in a well-lit area and with a neutral background. If you and your video look professional, then people are more likely to perceive your brand as synonymous with quality.

5. Promote the Video

The video can then be shared on your Facebook page, group and other social media platforms. If your video is well produced then your audience will share it with their friends and expand the reach of the campaign.

Need a Video Campaign?

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