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Based in London and Scotland, TMC is a content marketing specialist. Focusing on video production, customer magazines and digital content we help our clients to stand out through creativity and innovation.


About us


Our mission is to boldly go, sorry to steal a line from Captain Kirk, but it is true. Doing things by halves is not our style and in this day and age with all the opportunities available to us there is no excuse for anything else.

The world of marketing is rapidly changing and this creates great possibilities. At The Marketing Café we want to help our clients make the most of this moment through skill, innovation, creativity and good old fashioned hard work.


At The Marketing Café we do what we love, and deliver it with real commitment, passion and style. We are driven by what excites us and that often involves breaking new ground and leaving the beaten track.

As long as we live by this ethos then everything else will fall into place without stress, strain or toil. That’s our belief and that’s what we live by. Life is too short for anything else.


The TMC team is a rare mix of straight talking creative talent including designers, filmmakers, video editors, video FX artists, producers, copywriters and web developers.

Honest, hard working, friendly and passionate is the best way to describe the typical TMC team member. Individually and as a group we love what we do and we strive to do it well.

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Our client base is certainly wide and varied. From luxury hotels to manufacturing; and professional services to premium estate agents, our experience is broad ranging.

That said, we do have a high level of experience in the luxury hotel and estate agency sectors. You know how it is when one job leads to another in the same industry. We love properties and it seems that we attract them.

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Established in 2003, The Marketing Café is a content marketing agency that specialises in video production and magazine publishing. If you are looking to develop your brand using innovative content marketing techniques such as online video or customer magazines then you have arrived at the right place.

“Our journey with The Marketing Café from start to finish has been a pleasure. Everyone in the team has been incredibly helpful, nothing is too much bother and their knowledge is first class.” – Aileen Nicholson, BCTG

As well as content marketing we also provide our clients with a range of other creative services including website development, product packaging design, branding and advertising solutions. Loving what we do, we are a small, friendly and dedicated team focusing on exceptional service and results at all times.