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A customer magazine is a great way to engage your audience. A professionally prepared publication will raise brand awareness amongst targets and increase loyalty with current customers.

Customer Magazine Services

Property Magazine Publisher

Property magazines are particularly effective in brand building and developing customer loyalty in the estate agency sector. Customer magazines lend themselves very well to the property sector. Even those not on the lookout for a new home love to read about properties for sale and what makes them special and will often pick up a well produced magazine if only to flick through it.

By developing your own estate agency magazine you can create a powerful communications tool that will set you apart from the competition. It’s an investment that, if done right, will pay huge dividends as your brand is able to reach a wider audience with content that will be read and referred to again and again. Creating a magazine will also help you establish trust as a market leader and expert in the property and real estate sector.

The Marketing Café is one of the UK’s most experienced and accomplished property magazine publishers. We’ve produced professional glossy brand magazines for a number of clients across the UK, from a small independent network in the West of Scotland to London focused property consultants. Whatever the size of focus of your business, we know this market inside out.

Our services include:

– Strategic development and ideas generation
– Researching and writing features (either home based or more general lifestyle)
– Sourcing and writing celebrity based features
– Image sourcing
– Design and layout including property pages
– Copywriting and photography
– Print management
– Distribution

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If you would like to discuss customer magazines and how they can change the dynamics of your marketing for the better we would be delighted to speak to you on 01563 509005.

B2B Magazine Publisher

If you’re considering a customer magazine for your B2B brand then you’ve come to the right place. At the Marketing Café we’ve been developing B2B magazines for many years and have a deep understanding of the complexities involved, as well as the value it can bring when you get it right. Most businesses have great content that can be developed into interesting and digestible features. In addition, clients of B2B brands can add further value with their own content contribution often in the form of case studies.

B2B marketing is not easy, which is why it requires special skills for the marketer and their supporting agencies. Many of our clients are in the B2B sector and for some of them customer magazines are an integral part of their marketing communications.

At TMC we will work with you to help develop this content and bring it alive in the pages of a beautifully designed magazine that your customers and potential customers will want to read, absorb and engage with.

Our services include:

– Strategic development and ideas generation
– Researching and writing features
– Sourcing and writing client based features and case studies
– Image sourcing
– Design and layout
– Copywriting and photography
– Print management
– Distribution

If you would like to discuss customer magazines and how they can positively change the dynamics of your B2B marketing we would love to speak to you so why not call us on 01563 509005.

B2C Magazine Publisher

Despite claims that print is dead, one of the most visibly growing and powerful mediums in content marketing today is branded content delivered through consumer magazines. All of the major retailing brands from John Lewis to Tesco are investing heavily in this medium it because it pays dividends in brand building and customer loyalty.

A consumer magazine is a marketing tool available to any consumer facing business and will mix useful articles with promotions and product information. By working with The Marketing Café you will have a hugely experienced partner who can guide you through the entire process, from project management to creative ideas, beautiful design and compelling storytelling. We have developed consumer style magazines for a range of customers from small independent jewellers to national estate agency brands.

Whether you are looking to develop your first customer magazine or would like to give your current publication a new lease of life we would be delighted to talk with you on 01563 509005.

Corporate Newsletters

In the world of B2B marketing a corporate newsletter can be a very powerful promotional tool. From short four page options to more extensive productions, the corporate newsletter, or mini-mag, is a great way to connect with your audience whilst being affordable and effective.

At The Marketing Café we have been helping our B2B clients implement their corporate newsletter strategies to exceptionally high standards for many years. The corporate newsletters that we develop are well crafted, expertly written and thoughtfully designed. Our clients have found them to be highly effective in keeping in touch with both customers and prospects. Indeed many target customers actively seek out and eagerly await upcoming editions.

With The Marketing Café as your content marketing partner you can relax in the knowledge that your newsletter will be published on time to a consistently high standard with the minimum of fuss. We will not only research, write and edit on your behalf but we will also help develop creative ideas and strategies to ensure you achieve your marketing goals.

Whether you are looking to develop your first corporate newsletter or would like to give your current publication a new lease of life we would be delighted to talk with you on 01563 509005

Digital Magazine Publisher

Customer magazines are not always printed. Some of the best publications are only available in digital format, either through an app or a dynamic website. At The Marketing Café, we can create fully digital magazines, either as versions of a printed edition or as a stand alone digital publication.

We are one of the few content marketing specialists in the UK that can combine cutting edge technology and expertise with genuine creative talent to deliver incredible digital magazines across any digital platform.

With multiple media platforms available for the distribution of content, the growth of digital magazines is rapid and set to continue. The means of distribution can include:

– Mobile applications for use on tablet devices
– HTML5 websites
– Mobile websites
– Video channels
– Web TV
– Augmented reality (combining traditional print with digital media)
– Interactive PDF documents

If you would like to discuss the delivery of branded content or customer magazines across digital platforms we would be delighted to talk to you on 01563 509005.

The Power of Print is Alive and Well

At The Marketing Café we develop great content for your own customer publication to help captivate your audience and build your brand. We bring together skills in journalism, magazine design and project management to make successful customer magazines worthy of your brand. Not only can we thoroughly research articles and features but we will write gripping copy to keep your readers coming back time and time again.

“We have worked with the Marketing Café for a number of years now and they have consistently produced impressive, top end magazines for a number of our brands. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.” – Tom Burkinshaw, Thamesview

Your customers are increasingly turning to marketing communications that entertain, educate and add value to their experience. A brand magazine can achieve this in a way very few other forms of marketing can touch by giving your customers a tangible product that they can flick through and return to again and again. Consumers are increasingly switching off to traditional digital advertising methods and turning to printed forms of media, which is why more brands are investing in this form of content marketing.

With figures from the Content Marketing Association showing that customer magazines increase brand loyalty by as much as 38%, the question you should be asking yourself is why are you not investing in print.

Magazine Production Services

As a full service magazine design and production agency we offer a suite of services to suit any project no matter how big or small. The way you want to work is entirely up to you. From the creative development, marketing strategy and ideation, through to content research, feature writing, information and image sourcing, interviews and photography, we can build your customer magazine from scratch or with your input.

As well as the design and creation of content, we are also able to manage all print runs as well as distribution. By letting us deal with the logistics of magazine production and distribution you can focus your energies on generating ideas for new features and content.