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TMC works with many well known names in the UK estate agency sector. From London to Ayrshire we deliver high quality video and content marketing services for national and local brands.

  • Chelsea Area Guide
    Area guide covering Chelsea for estate agents John D Wood
    John D Wood Estate Agents
    Filmed in Primrose Hill as the first of a series with client testimonials
    Alan de Maid Testimonial
    Customer testimonial video for London estate agents
    Alan de Maid Video
    This estate agency video was created as a recruitment initiative
  • Hetheringtons Video
    Corporate overview video for London estate agency
    Vanilla Square Video
    Corporate video production for Vanilla Square Lettings
    Faron Sutaria Video
    Corporate video production for London estate agency firm
    Knight Frank Cotswolds
    Corporate video for Knight Frank in the Cotswolds
  • Knight Frank Int'l Video
    Corporate video production for Knight Frank International

Estate Agency Marketing

Our Clients

They say experience is everything, and in the estate agency market our experience really is second to none. Our clients include some of the UK’s best known brands and household names such as Knight Frank, Countrywide and Dexters. We also work with many regional niche players in London and across the UK.

Whatever the nature of your property portfolio or estate agency, we can provide a tailored content marketing service to suit your individual needs. You really couldn’t be in better hands.

How We Work

All our estate agency video productions begin in the planning phase, during which we’ll create a brief based on your corporate objectives and our own creative input.

If we’re filming a brand film, or anything with a voiceover, then we’ll need to create a script. Depending on the project we will also create a storyboard so our director can envisage the shoot, scene by scene. If we’re filming testimonials we won’t need a script but we will need to get a broad idea of what areas you want your interviewee to talk about, so we can ask them the right questions.

Once we have everything in place we’ll agree a date for the shoot. How long this takes will depend on the scope of the production and the amount of footage needed. If your film is featuring a presenter or professional actors then we’ll need to source these at this stage.

The final phase is post production which takes place in our beautiful and tranquil South Ayrshire studio. This is where the editing takes place, as well as colour grading, sound effects and any animation or VFX.

Estate Agency Marketing Content

We can produce all types of content for both residential and commercial estate agents, from area guides and testimonials to slick professional brand films and corporate overviews. We can even produce recruitment videos for your HR department.

Video is one of the most powerful promotional tools available to both commercial and residential estate agents but it’s certainly not the only effective approach you can take. At the Marketing Café we provide a comprehensive content marketing solution which includes various types of customer magazines.

A Property Video Production Company built on Solid Foundations

The Marketing Café has been providing world class estate agency marketing support since 2003. From house price bubbles to market collapses and back again, we have experienced the highs and lows of the property market over the years.

As an experienced video production agency specialising in property based advertising and marketing services, we can produce corporate sales videos for every kind of estate agency. From regional niche players to the UK’s largest high street brands and everything in between, we’ve got the in-house expertise and capacity to meet every demand.

“I really enjoy working with Ian and his team at The Marketing Café. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them, and the films and magazine that they have produced for us have been of a very high standard. – Rachel Dipper, Knight Frank LLP

With so much competition on the high streets, home sellers and property investors are hugely influenced by the perceived knowledge and personality of an estate agent before making their final choice. Video is perfectly suited to satisfy these demands and build genuine trust in your brand. With the huge explosion in online video content, having a brand film is becoming a must-have for all estate agents who want to stand out from the competition.

In today’s digital landscape there really is no better medium for communicating your company’s brand culture and expertise to a large audience of potential customers than video.

A Complete Estate Agent Marketing Service

Property videos and video marketing is now an essential element in the communications mix for estate agency brands. If you’re looking to develop your brand and want to position yourself as a true innovator in your market, then The Marketing Café is ready to help. We are already supporting leading brands in this sector and have the capabilities to deliver the very best video solutions at every level.

Video is a growing medium with so much potential for those property companies and estate agents that are prepared to embrace it. The estate agency sector can benefit from the huge exposure video marketing can achieve in the digital space, from personalising and humanising your brand to directly driving sales and website traffic.

The inherent shareability of video across the web, email and social media is matched only by the huge volume of video content being uploaded every day. In this increasingly competitive online environment, only the most compelling videos will stand out. The key to creating great video is to develop insightful and well informed marketing strategies. Thankfully these are two areas we happen to excel in.

Estate Agent Customer Magazines

In addition to our video production and marketing expertise, our customer magazine experience in the property sector is second to none. We’ve been creating high quality customer magazines since the early 2000’s and have the expertise to deal with every aspect of the design and publishing process, as well as establishing how your publication sits in your wider marketing strategy.

A customer magazine can range from a short 40 page publication to a full on property and lifestyle magazine of 200 plus pages. We can do as much or as little as you require depending on your own in-house resources. We are able to layout property pages, commission photography, manage printing and distribution fulfilment. As well as detailed project management we can also research, write and design each article. However much involvement you want us to have, we are flexible and can work to your exact brief.

So, if you’re looking to launch an engaging customer magazine for your estate agency, that builds both brand loyalty and sales, then you’ve come to the right place.

Call one of our friendly team today or get in touch with us via our contact page.