Alerta Medical

Product and brand video for Alerta mats used in care homes

Alerta Medical

Product and brand video for Alerta mats used in care homes


Spearhead wanted a promotional marketing video to support the launch of Alerta Medical, TMC was asked to produce a series of product videos. The video had to demonstrate the features and benefits of the products as well as how they could be used in care homes and other similar environments.


Product demonstration video looking at Spearhead’s Alerta mats which are used in care homes to alert staff to residents on the move. The Alerta products are specialised pressure mats supplied to care homes that sound an alarm when patients get out of bed or a chair.


The footage was shot over one day. Two actors were commissioned along with a professional voiceover artist. We wrote the voiceover script before creating the storyboard. The final edit for this brand video and all the other product videos have been designed to build the brand identity. The videos have been successfully launched at various trade shows.

"The Marketing Café have been a delight to work with and met all our expectations throughout the process - from budget, to deadlines to quality. The whole business have been impressed with the final product and the expertise and attention to detail have been applauded."

Kate Murphy | De Vere Hotels & Resorts

Crew members

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing

Video transcript

Alerta – cutting edge, marketing leading fall prevention and pressure relief products.
Any patient at risk of pressure ulcers, falling or wandering will be kept comfortable, safe and secure when protected by Alerta. Proactive patient care, meeting tomorrow’s demands today. Alerta improve patients safety and comfort whilst increasing staff efficiency and peace of mind by providing care products that proactively create a safer environment. You need the ultimate in fall prevention and pressure relief, look no further than Alerta. We are your companion in care, get proactive at

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