Ayrshire Hospice – Troon Shop

Charity video to recognise the work of volunteers

Ayrshire Hospice – Troon Shop

Charity video to recognise the work of volunteers


Needed a presentation video to be played at the awards event to motivate and recognise staff, both employed and volunteers. This video is part of a series we produced for Ayrshire Hospice to recognise the importance of the relationship between employed staff and volunteers. In fact without the volunteers the Hospice couldn’t function, so this type of communication is essential in letting volunteers know how important they are.


Long service awards video featuring the fundraising shop in Troon. This video looks specifically at the charity shop in Troon. The shop manager and one of the volunteers are interviewed within the shop environment. They discuss their working relationship, what they do each day as well as their interaction with donors and customers.


This video was shot over one afternoon with a crew of two people – the cameraman and the producer who asked the questions. The film, along with others in the series was shown at the awards event and was very well received. It has also since been used in presentations and on the Ayrshire Hospice YouTube Channel.

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Crew members

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing
Paul Russell – DoP

Video transcript

A short film about the employed and voluntary staff at the Ayrshire Hospice.
Working Together | Amanda and Fran
Amanda Pirret, Troon Shop Manager: My name’s Amanda Pirret and I have been with the hospice since December 2012. My role is shop manager within the shop.
Fran Johnston, Retail Assistant: My name’s Fran and I am part of the Ayrshire Hospice Troon shop crafter’s group. That involves me on a Monday morning, sitting here with people who knit, talk, crochet, talk, sew, talk… And everything we do is sold in the shop and the proceeds go to the hospice.
Working Relationship
Amanda: Without Fran here, I wouldn’t have a craft group, I couldn’t possibly fit into the community as much, and I wouldn’t have a nice looking craft area within the shop as well. Like all my volunteers, she’s amazing, she’s trustworthy, she’s honest, she’s always here, and she’s a key team member but so is every volunteer within the shop.
Volunteer Value
Fran: If you didn’t have volunteers, none of it would work, I don’t think. Volunteering is very worthwhile, but you’ve got to be committed to volunteering.
Amanda: The shop just wouldn’t open. I’m one person and I’m in charge of this whole shop. At the moment I’m sitting with 20 volunteers behind me, if I didn’t have those 20 volunteers I wouldn’t have a shop.
Fran: You’re donating your time, and your time is turning into money for the hospice. That’s the good bit for me, that’s the satisfaction.
In The Community
Amanda: I think that the amount of donations that we get in and the perception of the Ayrshire Hospice within Troon has been fantastic.
Fran: I know people who don’t perhaps come from Troon, who don’t even perhaps come from Ayrshire, they come here and they feel as if they’re in a community and that is what volunteering should be about.
Amanda: If you can get over that hurdle of fitting in within a community, you’ve won a gold watch and this is what this shop is about, it’s just being here for the community, it’s not just a case of ‘oh there’s the Ayrshire Hospice, let’s donate’ which a lot of people will do but we’re local.
Fran: We’ve had brides in here you know, buying wedding dresses and shoes and hats and mother of the bride’s and they enjoy themselves.
Amanda: You can see it growing from strength to strength. We’re going into year five now and we’ve made our mark I think and everybody is rallying round to support us.
Fran: The nicest thing is getting somebody coming in with donations because they’ve had a good experience at the hospice.
Thank you to all of our employed and voluntary staff for everything you do to make today matter for our patients and their families.
If you would be interested in volunteering for the Ayrshire Hospice please visit www.ayrshirehospice.org/join-team to view our latest volunteer opportunities.
Alternatively, you can email us at admin@ayrshirehospice.org or call the hospice on 01292 269200 to find out more.
Ayrshire Hospice | Making today matter
Filmed and produced by The Marketing Café Ltd.

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