Ayrshire Hospice – Catering Services

Video to promote the importance of volunteers within the Hospice

Ayrshire Hospice – Catering Services

Video to promote the importance of volunteers within the Hospice


The Ayrshire Hospice needed a presentation video to be played at the awards event to motivate and recognise staff, both employed and volunteers. This video is part of a series we produced for Ayrshire Hospice to recognise the importance of the relationship between employed staff and volunteers. In fact, without the volunteers, the Hospice couldn’t function, so this type of communication is essential in letting volunteers know how important they are.


Long service awards video featuring the catering team within the Hospice. This video looks specifically at the catering services team in the Hospice itself. The main chef and one of the volunteers are interviewed together. They discuss their working relationship, what they do each day as well as their interaction with patients and families. Cutaway shots were taken in the kitchen as well as in the serving area and around the Hospice.


This video was shot over one morning with a crew of two people – the cameraman and the producer who asked the questions. The film, along with others in the series was shown at the awards event and was very well received. It has also since been used in presentations and on the Ayrshire Hospice YouTube Channel.

"The video is absolutely amazing. I showed the first edit at a team meeting yesterday and everyone broke into spontaneous applause at the end and commented about how they got goosebumps."

Nathan Chart | Grand Harbour Hotel

Crew members

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing
Paul Russell – DoP

Video transcript

A short film about the employed and voluntary staff at the Ayrshire Hospice.
Working Together
Bernadette and Barbara
Bernadette Park, Cook: My name is Bernadette Park and I joined the hospice catering team in 2002, then in 2008 I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to train and become a cook.
Barbara Cowan, Ward Catering Volunteer: My name is Barbara Cowan and I’ve been a ward volunteer at the hospice for just over 21 years because of the care that my dad got when he was in here. One of the things that we, as a family, remember was that he said he felt safe in here so when my work life changed and I had the opportunity to come I decided to apply to be a volunteer.
Working environment
Bernadette: She does all these little jobs that otherwise we would have to do like providing the teas and coffees, helping us to serve up the meals, stocking the unit kitchen. She also goes around after me if I’m unable to get some of the orders from the patients.
Barbara: A lot of people think ‘why are you doing this, it’s a very sad gloomy place’ but it’s a very happy place to work in, the Hospice and you do get an enormous amount of pleasure feeling that you’ve actually made a difference that day.
Volunteer contribution
Bernadette: Well having our volunteers at the hospice makes an enormous difference, they bring a whole load of other skills with them as well, they ease the workload, they give their time for free. I really feel that they want to do this otherwise they wouldn’t do it.
Barbara: They allow the nurses to do nursing work and care assistants to do the caring, certainly down in the unit, without the ward volunteers they would have to be making teas and coffees for patients and for visitors. We’re very relevant to the hospice and very much appreciated by all that we do.
Making a difference
Barbara: It’s a great place to be. There are so many places that you can volunteer in the hospice that a slot would always be found for anybody that suited their particular skills.
Bernadette: People are much more knowledgable about the work that goes on in here and even those that are a little scared when they do come in, they just see it as a very happy wonderful place.
Barbara: I think sometimes when a patient who’s come in and hasn’t been eating very much, and they come in that day and we say ‘would you maybe like a little soup, or maybe a little jelly or custard’ and they eat it and they say ‘do you know I haven’t eaten for 3 weeks or 4 weeks but that was really good’. That certainly gives you a nice, good feeling. Definitely.
Thank you to all of our employed and voluntary staff for everything you do to make today matter for our patients and their families.
If you would be interested in volunteering for the Ayrshire Hospice please visit www.ayrshirehospice.org/join-team to view our latest volunteer opportunities.
Alternatively, you can email us at admin@ayrshirehospice.org or call the hospice on 01292 269200 to find out more.
Ayrshire Hospice | Making today matter
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