Ayrshire Hospice – Solus Day Services

Promoting the working relationship between employees and volunteers

Ayrshire Hospice – Solus Day Services

Promoting the working relationship between employees and volunteers


The Ayrshire Hospice needed a presentation video to be played at the awards event to motivate and recognise staff, both employed and volunteers. This video is part of a series we produced for Ayrshire Hospice to recognise the importance of the relationship between employed staff and volunteers. In fact, without the volunteers, the Hospice couldn’t function, so this type of communication is essential in letting volunteers know how important they are.


Long service awards video featuring staff within the Hospice Solus Day Care Centre. This video looks specifically at the Solus Day Care Centre within the Hospice. A Team Leader and one of the volunteers are interviewed within the Solus environment. They discuss their working relationship, what they do each day as well as their interaction with patients and their families.


This video was shot over one morning with a crew of two people – the cameraman and the producer who asked the questions. The film, along with others in the series was shown at the awards event and was very well received. It has also since been used in presentations and on the Ayrshire Hospice YouTube Channel. We also filmed a series of cutaways around the Day Care Centre including activities and the staff at work.

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Crew members

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing
Paul Russell – DoP

Video transcript

A short film about the employed and voluntary staff at the Ayrshire Hospice
Working Together
Mandy and Janice
Mandy Oszcyzpala, Team Leader: My name’s Mandy Oszcyzpala and in total, I’ve worked with the hospice now for 8 years. I am the specialist palliative care nurse team leader here in day services.
Janice Bell, Group Support Volunteer: My name’s Janice Bell and I’ve been a volunteer for the hospice since 2007 and I come on a Wednesday morning. With a colleague, we meet and greet any new patients or prospective patient for the hospice day services. I volunteer on a Wednesday afternoon in the drop-in cafe.
Working relationship
Mandy: Generally the assessment patients coming on a Wednesday can be quite apprehensive about coming but Janice just puts them at ease, tells them what we’re going to do. She can see when things are getting too much, she just sometimes knows if you need a hug or if you need a break and she’ll do that for you, not everybody can see that.
Volunteer value
Janice: We’re always valued, we are always thanked at the end of a shift. We never leave without being thanked.
Mandy: We have volunteers who do crafts with the patients, art classes, complementary therapies.
Janice: You just can’t quantify it, you can’t put a value on it, it’s enormous, all the jobs that are done by volunteers and unseen volunteers.
Mandy: Without those volunteers, we would not have as good a service as we have.
Benefits of volunteering
Janice: Volunteering has made me more of a listener, made me a bit calmer, more accepting, not so judgemental. I just have such a passion for it that I really love working here. I’ve met so many new people, I’ve made some really good friends. Volunteering at the hospice is a thing that I could recommend happily. You get so much out of it.
Making a difference
Mandy: You know straight away at assessment whether somebody is going to come back or they’re not and quite often they tell you ‘actually, I wasn’t going to come but from what I’ve seen today, from how I’ve been treated today, I’ll definitely come.’
Janice: Very often, a patient when they’re leaving will say ‘thank you so much, you made this a lot easier for me’ and that makes us feel really good.
Mandy: being able to go back and say to the volunteers ‘you changed that patients perspective on how things are done here, how they’re going to be treated when they’re here’, is absolutely great, being able to share that with the full team because it’s not me that’s done it, it’s them that’s done it.
Thank you to all of our employed and voluntary staff for everything you do to make today matter for our patients and their families.
If you would be interested in volunteering for the Ayrshire Hospice please visit www.ayrshirehospice.org/join-team to view our latest volunteer opportunities.
Alternatively, you can email us at admin@ayrshirehospice.org or call the hospice on 01292 269200 to find out more.
Ayrshire Hospice | Making today matter
Filmed and produced by The Marketing Café Ltd.

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