Cello – Solar TV

The world's first solar powered TV package

Cello – Solar TV

The world's first solar powered TV package


This is the world’s first solar-powered TV package. In order to launch it into the African market, it needed a detailed explanation. The brief with this video was to clearly illustrate the technology for both B2B and B2C customers. These Cello TVs are a world first. They can be operated in remote regions of the world where electricity supply is either regularly disrupted or non-existent. The 22” and 32” solar-powered all-in-one packages include the LED TV, portable solar panel, TV aerial and lighting in one box.


Product demonstration video explaining the innovative new solar TV concept developed for the African market. The Cello solar-powered TV is an out of the box solution that is simple to operate. The TV is positioned in the house whilst the solar panel and smart antenna are placed in a suitable location outdoors. To see for yourself have a look at the product video which explains in detail how the package works and the ease with which it can be set up in the home.


We shot this video in the Ayrshire studio and combined the product shots with graphics, animations and FX in post-production. In addition, we wrote a sales script for the product demonstration and sourced professional voiceovers in both English and Swahili languages. The video has been used successfully in numerous environments. This includes on the Cello Solar website, YouTube Channel, sales meetings, email marketing and at exhibitions.

Crew members

Ian Palmer – Camera and editing

Video transcript

Designed and engineered in the UK, the cello solar power system is the world first fully-integrated consumer product that combines television with an integrated digital aerial, lighting, and mobile phone charging. Powered by the sun in daylight and a lithium-ion battery at night. Available in 22 and 32-inch screen sizes, the systems smart energy management can deliver uninterrupted continuous viewing. The TV comes with a built-in DVBT2 digital tuner and smart antenna ready to receive high-definition digital broadcasts from locally available free terrestrial channels. For those people who cannot receive a digital signal, the built-in satellite tuner allows the TV to pick up satellite channels when a dish is connected. Dispensing with the need for a set-top box. Solar Lighting is powered by the system, two lamps with independent switches and 6 metres of cable are included in the package. In addition, mobile phones and other portable devices can be charged from the two USB sockets. This UK designed and engineered Cello Solar Powered Package is a world first. Watch TV during daylight hours with power supplied by the solar panel and at night for up to 12 hours from the battery built into the TV. Anyone that wants to enjoy a new world of TV entertainment via digital channels or satellite can do so even if they are not on the electricity grid. With other benefits such as solar lamps and mobile phone charging we think you will agree that this solar package has the power to accelerate real change and technological advancement across Kenya and its rural communities. Thanks for watching.
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