Forrest Media – Salamander St

Overview video for a giant advertising screen in Edinburgh

Forrest Media – Salamander St

Overview video for a giant advertising screen in Edinburgh


The Forrest CityScreen’s are giant digital advertising screens located on busy streets and arterial routes across Scotland and the North of England. Each location is different and this video was made to show media buyers based in London the benefits of advertising with Forrest Media on their CityScreen sites. This one focussed on Salamander Street in Edinburgh. The video has been used successfully in social media, email marketing and at sales presentations. These type of sales videos have proved invaluable for Forrest Media which is why TMC has been commissioned to film all their digital screens as and when they are launched.


Promotional video looking at the giant digital advertising screen from Forrest Media on Salamander Street in Edinburgh. CityScreen Edinburgh A199 Salamander Street is a giant landscape roadside screen situated on the drivers rear side to catch all South and East bound traffic heading towards the A1. It is set within Edinburgh’s ‘Motor-City’, with a dozen main dealerships as well as various independent retailers nearby. The sheer size and orientation on such a major route means it ticks all the boxes.


TMC shot this video across one day taking in the morning and rush hour traffic. The footage includes visually absorbing time-lapse across daylight and dusk hours when the digital screen looks its best. This CityScreen was filmed from various perspectives with contextual content also captured to give the film depth and meaning. As well as film footage, we incorporated important sales data in the edit using dynamic graphics and animations.

"I’ve used one or two other video production companies in the past, but TMC displayed a much quicker level of understanding and rapidly picked up what we were looking for in every brief."

Marc Keenan – Managing Director | Forrest Media

Crew members

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing
Paul Russell – DoP

Video transcript

Forrest CityScreen
Edinburgh, Salamander St, EH6 7LE
203,260 estimated fortnightly impacts
High impact digital roadside, south and east bound catch all heading to A1
50 sqm digital advertising display
Set in Leith next to Edinburgh’s ‘motor city’
10 second adverts in one minute loops
Edinburgh Salamander street CityScreen
Forrest Media

Created by wpMURRgxfLHn | November 15, 2016 | Brand