Spearhead – Platinum

Product demonstration video for care home cleaning products

Spearhead – Platinum

Product demonstration video for care home cleaning products


Spearhead needed to demonstrate their Platinum cleaning plan and cleaning products to a trade audience. Having already worked with Spearhead on a number of projects they asked TMC to develop a video promoting their own exclusive range of cleaning products called Platinum.


Product demonstration video looking at Spearhead’s specialist cleaning plan for use in care homes. Spearhead Healthcare supply an extensive range of products to care homes throughout the UK. Platinum is more than just cleaning products, it is a considered program of cleaning for the care home.


We interviewed a Director of the company as well as a care home customer for testimonial purposes. In addition, we sourced an actress to play the part of a care home cleaner. The final video has been very well-received and is currently embedded on the company website. It was also successfully used at an industry tradeshow.

"The TMC team are great to work with. They’ve done a number of projects for QHotels and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services."

Sarah Limbert, Marketing Manager | QHotels

Crew members

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing

Video transcript

Platinum, Spearhead | Delivering excellence to healthcare
David Lindberg, Director: Spearhead platinum plan was born to fill a gap in the marketplace. We saw the need for an experienced range of high performing chemicals specifically sourced and formulated for care home requirements. It is a group of products but it is also a complete concept. It’s going to save the staff time, it’s going to save you money, it’s going to make you compliant with regulations, it’s going to bring you everything you need all in one binder. And what’s more you’re home will look good, smell clean, look fresh.
Janet Solomon, Abbotsford Care Homes: The products are outstanding. They smell nice which is a major, major thing. They work, the time systems that they take to use, everything is there, everybody knows how to use them.
David: The benefits of the binder system to the care home are that it delivers consistency, transparency, it also brings a bit of accountability throughout the home because everyone’s working to the same system.
Janet: The important elements of the binder are that it’s colour coded in relationship with the national colour coding system which codes every area of the home from the washroom to the laundry to the kitchen with a different colour and all the platinum products are covered by that colour coding so we are within the national regulations.
David: Behind each colour coded tab is a full product specification sheet, information on every product detailing what it does. Behind that is a cleaning schedule for each area where we advice which areas we think should be cleaned weekly, and daily and which products to use and how to apply them. Following that, there’s all the cosh safety data sheets, which are essential, and then we can do bespoke cosh risk assessment forms applicable solely to your home. From a health and safety angle, the binder proves you’re doing exactly what’s expected of you. Any inspector will look upon the binder favourably, it proves what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. But also having all that cosh information to hadn’t in one binder, in one place means you can access it whenever you need it immediately. Platinum products have a proven level of success in the washroom, areas that are typically difficult to clean are made very easy to clean using the platinum products, taps, sinks, sanitary wear, toilets are all left shining and gleaming. The platinum kitchen products are a range of powerful, food safe chemicals that clean effectively in the kitchen. Areas such as crockery, the oven, surfaces are left shining, clean and sanitised. There’s an extensive range of house keeping chemicals, we cover for floors, carpets, hard floors, chair upholsteries, beds, mattresses, platinum plan has a product for every area you wish to clean within a care home. Our platinum laundry products are set aside from standard laundry products. With the premium laundry liquid and the sanitising destaining liquid, the results are absolutely proven and outstanding. All products, where they need to meet EN1276 British standards, they do so and they state it on the label. Care home that take on the platinum system always save money, the products come in a concentrated format which an be diluted down and the costs of use are extremely low. The introduction of smart pumps ensure that the chemicals can be dispensed safely and accurately. When it comes to stock holding and getting to point of delivery on time, we understand it. With over 30 years experience, we understand what the care home’s needs are. With a fantastic distribution network, excellent stock holding and a same day dispatch system, we get your orders to you on time, every time. A care home moving onto platinum plan is a natural move to make, it’s in every care homes interest to save their staff time, to be fully compliant, to have all the paperwork in place, save money, and to have a home that’s clean, fresh and smells extremely good.
Janet: The main benefits are high standard of cleanliness, the ease of which they can all be used and the cost savings.
Spearhead | delivering excellence to healthcare

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