TMC is a video production company creating brand videos across the UK

Welcome to TMC

TMC is one of the leading video production agencies in the UK, with offices in Central London and South Ayrshire. We have been producing powerful and persuasive marketing film, across a wide range of industry sectors, since 2003.

Our small band of talented video producers, animators, sound engineers and account managers services clients across the country, from London to Glasgow and represent some of the finest commercial, creative and technical talent in the UK video marketing industry. We take a lot of pride in our team and are very happy to offer this assortment of expertise in-house.

Recent Video Productions

Cello Platinum
Production for Cello providing an overview of the new Platinum range.
Forrest Media - CityScreen
Previewing 20 premium digital advertising screens
The Oxford Belfry Hotel
Hotel video production for this popular business hotel near Oxford
Chelsea Area Guide
Area guide covering Chelsea for estate agents John D Wood
Ayrshire Hospice Stories
David tells his story about the benefits of Solus
Mottram Hall Hotel
One of Cheshire's finest hotel, golf and leisure resorts captured on film
Forrest Media - Xpressway
Video production for a new giant advertising screen in Glasgow
Life & Times Productions
Promotional film to launch this exciting new venture
“The video is absolutely amazing. I showed the first edit at a team meeting yesterday and everyone broke into spontaneous applause at the end and commented about how they got goosebumps.” – Nathan Chart, Grand Harbour Hotel

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Hotel Video Advertising on Facebook
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A Strategically Focused Video Production Company

Calling on such a range of in-house expertise allows us to offer our customers the kind of imaginative out-the-box thinking of a creative agency, in conjunction with the finely tuned commercial acumen that comes from many years of marketing insight and know-how. It is this holistic approach we take as a video production agency – one that takes into account your business’s digital assets, marketing strategy and corporate objectives – that really sets The Marketing Café apart from the competition.

Factoring in marketing strategy at the start of the production process, helps inform the creative process and also how to accurately measure results. It’s an integrated process that our customers welcome. What’s more it works and this is reflected by the strong commercial success of our video productions. At The Marketing Café, we believe in the power of video to help brands become recognised, respected and trusted.

Exceptional Video Production from London to Ayrshire

Our network of videographers work with businesses the length and breadth of the UK, from the south of England to rural Scotland. Whether you’re based in Croydon or Craigie, our professional production team has the flexibility to get to wherever we’re needed to start shooting your next commercial video.

Our post production studio is based in the beautiful countryside of South Ayrshire, where great ideas are given room to breathe and develop into fantastic productions. Our London based office serves as a touch point for our clients based in or around the capital, as well as a base from which we can direct and coordinate local shoots.

“We’ve just completed our third corporate video with The Marketing Café and are delighted with the results. They have captured the culture and tone of each company perfectly and present a compelling case as to why clients should choose us. We see a real return through this medium and look forward to further collaboration.” Richard Page, Countrywide

The Rise of Online Video Marketing

In an increasingly crowded digital marketplace, video is becoming a key differentiator between those with rounded and effective online content strategies and everyone else. The rapid advancements in production technology and an explosion in the popularity of online video has seen brands turn to online video in a big way, to reach out and engage with their consumers across digital channels.

Creating a one-off brand film is only ever going to get you so much success. The most successful companies in the UK today work hand in hand with their video production agencies to create a steady stream of engaging, informative and entertaining content, helping them grow their online audiences and establish their brand.

As online video continues to grow rapidly and more and more businesses start harnessing the dynamic potential of video like never before, isn’t it time you did the same?

The Perfect Marketing Mix

At The Marketing Café, we may love video, but we also realise that it’s just one element of a well rounded marketing and advertising strategy. This is why we’ve incorporated a series of complimentary or standalone services into our company’s service offering.

As well as video planning and production, we also offer a range of both online and offline services including website development and SEO, print magazine production, branding and packaging design.

So whether you’re looking to create a glossy new brochure, or want to rebrand and optimise your website to boost your online search presence, at The Marketing Café we’ve got the tools and the talent to make it happen. By bringing such a versatile range of services together, we can also maintain consistency and control over your whole strategy, creating more joined up and effective marketing campaigns.