Motion Graphics FX

Our animation and graphics studio will bring your next multimedia project to life with engaging graphics in motion

As well as live footage, you might be interested to know that we’re also an animated film company, creating boundary-breaking marketing and advertising across a whole range of industry sectors.


Based in the idyllic and picturesque landscape of Craigie in sleepy South Ayrshire, our humble production studio is actually an animation powerhouse. Key to our output of consistently brilliant animated brand films is our talented team of animators, 3D designers and graphic artists. Anything that you can possibly conceive of can, in one way or another, be brought to life on a screen by these wonderful whizz kids.

From mapping out your campaign objectives and an initial concept through to character design, storyboarding and finally onto the animating and rendering process, we’ll walk you through each step of the animation journey. We have the experience to know how to fuse our own creative energies to realise your vision and achieve your marketing goals.

We put everything into each and every product demo we make, so you can rest assured that your video demonstration will look professional, be visually engaging and achieve a quick and substantial ROI for our clients. And we don’t stop there…

We view The Marketing Café as a holistic marketing entity, so we’ll not only produce the demo for you, we’ll research your product category and learn how the product works. This will enable us to storyboard and script write the video, so all you have do is give us the product. You can leave the rest up to us.

For motion graphics and animation we work with a diverse range of brands across many business sectors. These include media companies, manufacturers, business services, training organisations and charities. Whether you are based in London, Manchester, Glasgow or rural Ayrshire we are able to deliver the complete service nationwide.

As an animation company one of the first things we need to do is understand what your objectives are. Once we’ve worked out what it is you want to achieve with your film, we can move onto the creative process, which will involve us suggesting various styles and animated techniques you can employ to bring your vision to life.

Once we’ve settled on a style and approach, we can begin storyboarding and scripting your animated film. Our experienced and talented team of animators and graphic artists will then construct and animate the characters and environments for your video, as well as employing any special effects or clever CGI.

If your video has a voiceover, or features animated characters that speak, then this will be recorded after the animation has been put together and signed off. We will then add other post production elements at this stage, like sound effects, music and colour grading.

We can utilise a variety of animation technologies, including VR, CGI and 3D motion graphics to create all manner of weird and wonderful animated films. We can create motion graphics to suit any brand or marketing style, whether that’s bold and colourful animated characters that jump out the screen to a more nuanced and stylised approach that employs subtle visual metaphors and a more restrained colour palette.

“The Marketing Café has been a very reliable partner for the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh – The Caledonian hotel, over the past years; they are always open to challenges and their final result is always outstanding. Couldn’t recommend them enough!”

Marina Cruz - Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh


When it comes to getting your message across using motion graphics and special effects, there is really no limit in the scale and scope of what you can render on a screen. In many ways, the only limit is the imagination of the animation studio you are working with.

Of course, in the world of brand building and corporate comms, even creativity needs to remain bounded by a brief and a clearly defined set of marketing objectives. The real secret to great animated advertising isn’t therefore technical ability, but a genuinely creative mind that can think freely outside the box, whilst continuing to embody the brand and remain on message. Luckily for us we have a creative team that excel at walking this fine line every day.


Due to massive advances in the development and cost of animated technologies over the last decade, motion graphics and 3D renderings that were once the exclusive domain of big budget production houses are now readily available to businesses of all sizes. This presents SMEs as well as big brands and corporates with a genuine opportunity to really stand out using this powerful and potent medium in video marketing.

Animation gives you total creative control over your content, meaning you can really infuse your brand image and style into your marketing. Animated video allows you to pick your visual style, whether that’s a series of seamlessly morphing visual images and metaphors to wild and whacky characters and animated brand mascots.

Animation is also the perfect medium for representing abstract concepts or visualising worlds we can’t reproduce with conventional filming techniques, at the microscopic or galactic scale. Even the laws of physics needn’t be a barrier to the aspirations of your next brand video.