About Us

Established in 2003, TMC produced its first corporate video even before YouTube came into play

We believe in the power of video to move people and affect their emotions in a way that few other mediums can.

We put our hearts and souls into creating great video content because we love it and we believe in it.

At TMC we haven’t always been exclusively video. We started as a marketing outsource consultancy that evolved into creative design and is now a fully-fledged video production house. When we delivered our very first marketing plan in 2003 we threw in a DVD video as part of the package – we couldn’t resist.

Today, we still offer creative marketing services including website development and branding. This complete marketing and design approach makes TMC different from most other video production companies.

To give our clients a highly creative resource that consistently delivers beautiful video content in a professional and convenient way.

To use our creative flair and high production standards to produce work of outstanding quality that engages an audience and provokes desire. To provide a very personal service, focused on delivering real value and a bespoke solution each time.

At TMC we do what we love, and deliver it with real commitment, passion and style.

Straightforward – We communicate clearly and directly, we do what we say we are going to do, on time and on budget.

Creative – We have the experience, resources and skills to make every project unique. We spend time to really get to know our client’s brand so we can add value through our specialist creative approach.

Professional – Trusted by top brand names, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure the highest of production standards.

Methodical – We pay attention to the smallest details and plan for every eventuality. With our many years of experience we know the pitfalls to look out for and guide our clients accordingly.

Aware – We are aware of the precious nature of our environment and work to minimize our impact on it. We give back to our community through charitable work.

The TMC team is a rare mix of straight talking creative talent.

We are filmmakers, video editors, video FX artists, producers, scriptwriters, designers and web developers.

Honest, hard working, friendly and passionate is the best way to describe the typical TMC team member. Individually and as a group we love what we do and we strive to do it well.


TMC is different in that we are a team of video specialists who also have skills in marketing and creative design. Your perfect video marketing partner.

Why Choose TMC?


We are a creative business first
and foremost. We bring ideas to the
table that will ensure your video
marketing stands out.


From drones to virtual reality
and 4K to interrortron we tailor
every project individually. Be
prepared for a bespoke approach.

Post Production

Your video project couldn’t be in
a better place than our Ayrshire
studio with some of the most
experienced editors in the business.


TMC has strong marketing credentials. If you need help or advice on how to achieve the best results we are well placed to help.

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