How social video production can help your business through uncertain times

How social video production can help your business through uncertain times

It’s fair to say that one subject has dominated most people’s thoughts in recent weeks, and not for good reasons. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a topsy-turvy impact on our world, and almost everyone’s lifestyles. So, why should your firm look to social video production at such a disruptive and unstable time?

The short answer is that social media video marketing isn’t just a tool for boosting brand awareness or even addressing customer pain points – it’s invaluable as a form of business continuity, too.

More and more people are taking to social media – but will they find you?

Recent research has indicated marked increases in social media use across the generations since the COVID-19 outbreak began to gather steam in Europe.

The factors driving this trend may seem obvious enough to you. After all, you may presently be working from home, and might therefore be checking social media a lot yourself at this time. You may be doing so not only because you don’t have any colleagues looking over your shoulder, but also so that you can receive the latest updates on the crisis developing around us.

But it’s worth reminding ourselves at this time that for many of us, social media has long ceased to serve as a mere information resource. That’s because a lot of us consider it to be part of our daily routine. Seeing the latest social updates from friends, family and brands alike, helps to keep us grounded and connected to the people and things that we love.

Practically every industry stands to benefit from social video

Already, we have seen organisations from across virtually every sector of the economy turn to social video production as a means of continuing to present an important front to their customers.

We have seen event companies, for example, repurpose footage from previous events for the creation of new videos, published on social media, to get viewers to look back in fondness, and hyped up about future events after the worst of the pandemic is over.

Meanwhile, lifestyle and wellness brands have tapped into the requirements that customers have to continue looking after their physical and mental health indoors, at a time when health stores, spas and gyms are closed.

Then, there are the online retailers – which are well-placed to boost their orders and growth at a time of heightened demand – that have used social media video to create immersive experiences for their customers, providing a substitute to touching and examining products in a brick-and-mortar store.

Talk to TMC about how social video could be invaluable for your company right now

The current moment, then, is definitely not a time to hold back or cancel marketing plans, and the situation is no different when it comes to social video production.

Call the TMC team on 020 3819 6187 or 01563 509005 today, and we can discuss with you how the right videos could be instrumental in keeping your customers engaged and informed during a time that, for many brands, has been busier than ever.