Viral Food Videos

Did you know the most popular videos on social media are food related? With TMC as your partner you can now build your community and develop brand loyalty with high quality professionally produced viral food videos.

If you’re in the food business then you have a unique opportunity to develop food video content that is liked and shared by millions.

Viral Food Videos

Every brand marketer is looking for the Holy Grail of video content on social media. The kind that gets watched, shared and liked by not just thousands, but literally millions. When it comes to viral video content the most popular category is food by some margin. So, to get your brand in front of a highly engaged targeted audience, all you need is to be associated with good looking well produced food content.

At TMC we have perfected the art of the viral food video. Our in-house studio has been developed purely for the purpose of creating top view food recipe videos. Whether it’s the fluffiest pancakes, cheesecake bites, homemade lasagne or vegan ice cream we are ready to produce your food videos to a standard that exceeds even the most popular content from the top publishers.

You could be a food retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler, restaurant owner or even a hotel. If your business is food related then regular food recipe videos could be your way to creating a highly engaged social media following and building strong brand loyalty.

If you would like to know more about why food videos go viral then feel free to read our blog on the subject here.

“The Marketing Café are a delight to work with and have met all of our expectations – from budget, to deadlines to quality. The whole business has been impressed with the final product. The expertise and attention to detail is regularly applauded.”

Kate Murphy, De Vere Hotels


Producing a stylish food recipe video with TMC is a simple process. Our food production studio is based in South Ayrshire alongside our editing suite. So, all you have to do is tell us what the finished product is, the ingredients needed and the process for producing it. We will do the rest.

Step one is to create a basic storyboard detailing all the key shots involved. Once agreed we will proceed with the filming and editing. The bonus of having our editing and production studio close together is that we can retake shots very quickly if needed for the edit.

So confident are we that you will be delighted with the results, there will be no charge until you indicate you are 100% happy. That’s our guarantee, which gives you complete peace of mind.


It’s likely that if you are serious about producing great video recipe content then you will want to produce a series. A one off video is not likely to build your following or brand loyalty over the long term. You need to keep the content coming at regular intervals.

Once a month might be a good start. As long as your followers know you will consistently publish, they will look out for your videos – ready to watch, like and share.

If you would like to produce a series TMC will work with you on content ideas as well as budget. The more you commit to the lower the individual video cost will be. We would be delighted to here from you, so please call us today on 01563 509005 for more information or send an mail.