5 types of social media video to maximise your brand’s impact

5 types of social media video to maximise your brand’s impact

Social video production is one of those things that, when done well, might look relatively easy. Indeed, any flaws with the social video marketing approach that a given brand has taken may only be very apparent at first to the viewer, rather than to the brand overseeing the campaign.

One such common flaw is a brand adopting an overly formulaic strategy for its social video production. You won’t want to leave your viewers bored to distraction, but you could be risking this if you keep on producing videos that seem to be merely slightly differing versions of the same thing.

So, one of the number one rules of producing social media videos is to deploy a broad range of different types of video across your social presence. Here are a few examples of what we mean.

1. The brand story video

This type of video isn’t necessarily geared towards immediately selling something to the viewer. Instead, it’s meant to tell the story of your brand. It might set out how your business was founded, for instance, as well as what motivated you to set up the company, and what your overriding mission is.

It’s a type of video, then, that helps to boost brand awareness and make your business more relatable for many viewers, and which might lend itself well to being ‘pinned’ at the top of your social media profiles.

2. The product feature video

Now, this is a more ‘salesy’ kind of social media video. It’s the type of video that focuses on specific features of specific products or services that your brand sells.

This is not to suggest that such a video should come across like the average cheesy infomercial. Remember, throughout the video, to make clear how the given product or service works, why the viewer would wish to have it in their lives, and what advantages it presents that alternative options don’t.

3. The product-in-use tutorial

These videos overlap to some extent with the aforementioned product feature video, except that they place a greater emphasis on education than that type of video does.

When your target audience is able to see your products actually being used, they will be able to much more easily picture themselves using it. Such a video might draw attention to specific features, but also give advice on how to use and take care of the product in question.

4. The event coverage video

If your firm has a big event planned or taking place right now – or for that matter, that has recently concluded – social media can be a great place to drum up the hype about it via video.

Your brand could produce a succession of videos for a single event, in fact, covering such aspects as the event preparations, what happens ‘on the day’, and what value the event attendees feel they got out of it. And even if viewers have missed the event, the right videos could really help for getting them interested in the next event you’re planning to hold.

5. The brand announcement video

When your company has a big announcement to make – about a new product, for example, or even an upcoming event or the opening of a new store – there are few media with the sheer power and immediacy of video, especially when posted on social media.

After all, news travels fast on social media. So be quick and concise in such a video, communicating from the outset what the big announcement is, explaining why the viewer should care, and providing them with a link to find out more – or otherwise directing them to further information.

But it’s not just the form your videos take that matters

The above are far from the only types of social video that your brand should be making regular use of, and your videos will also probably need to be adapted to different platforms. Some social networks may place limits on just how long your videos can be, for example, which may necessitate you splitting and editing certain videos for consumption on different platforms.

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