A highly experienced testimonial video company

  • A one-stop end-to-end service
  • Delegate everything to your TMC video team
  • We will ensure your clients relax on camera
  • Videos authentically delivered
  • 20 years experience in the video industry
  • Google 5 star rated service
  • Available to film your clients nationwide
  • High quality, professional and affordable

Testimonial video production

  • If you are looking for testimonial video content then you couldn’t be in better hands
  • A significant proportion of our productions are made up of testimonial videos with a particular emphasis on the B2B sector
  • We are able to take care of all planning and logistics including liaising with the client for filming dates as well as preparing and asking questions
  • We will coach your interviewees so they feel natural on camera and their responses don’t seem scripted
  • We can take you completely out of the equation and help source suitable clients for interviewing
  • We love to creatively innovate and push the boundaries beyond what has been done before

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“An absolute pleasure to work with. They ‘get’ what you need (much like a decent poker player can read your ‘tells’). The finished product is always beautifully polished and something you can’t wait to show off!”

Justin Talkowski | John D Wood

Your testimonial video in 5 steps

If you have never been involved with the production of a testimonial video before then don’t worry, we can guide you every step of the way. Here are the main steps involved.

1. Strategy

Like any corporate video production, testimonial film can come in many styles and approaches, depending on the target market. We’ll help you establish your business objectives, including an assessment of your target market. We’ll then use this information to decide what kind of approach to take, including the type of client to interview, musical score, editing style and what kind of supporting footage to film.

2. Sourcing interviewees

The next stage in creating a testimonial video is sourcing your interviewee. We will help manage this process and assess which clients will make the best interviewees to present the most compelling testimonial footage based on your marketing strategy. This will come down to confidence and the view and insights they have into your company and your product or service.

3. Structure and purpose

We’ll then help create a structure to your testimonial by defining a broad set of topics and key points we want your customer to talk about. It’s essential your interviewee doesn’t sound like they’re giving scripted responses and we’ll make sure of this by using our own experience to make them feel relaxed in front of the camera.

4. Supporting footage (b-roll)

A testimonial film isn’t just 5 minutes of your client talking on camera. To make it interesting and engaging we’ll shoot plenty of supporting footage (b-roll) that will then be used in the editorial process to create a seamless video that keeps people interested. Supporting footage will also help give context to what your interviewee is talking about, perhaps by showing examples of the production process or your customer using your product.

5. Post-production

After shooting all the supporting footage, we’ll then tie the whole project together in the post production process, which includes sound editing, sound effects, music and colour grading as well as any graphics or visual effects.

The benefits of a testimonial video

  • Demonstrates positive experiences
  • Conveys a favourable brand image
  • Appeals to customer emotions
  • Removes any potential bias or prejudice
  • Shows you’re trustworthy and authentic
  • A proven sales tool that converts
  • Provides peace of mind for prospects
  • Perfect website content for landing pages