High quality video production for charities

  • Significant experience working within the third sector
  • Productions underpinned with master storytelling skills
  • Crews trained in working with vulnerable people
  • Adaptable and friendly crews operating nationwide
  • Award winning video marketing team
  • Full scriptwriting and professional voiceover services
  • Take advantage of our creative ideas and marketing guidance
  • Marketing support to ensure your videos are seen and shared

The art of storytelling

  • At TMC we love telling great stories, and seek to do this for charities in a unique and powerful way.
  • We are aligned with your goals as a charity, to communicate in a focused, personable and authentic way.
  • Our experienced interviewers can make anyone relax on camera, and will ask the searching questions needed to extract the depth in a story.
  • Our main concern is always to capture the heart of the story. We do not let anything get in the way of this.
  • You can be very much hands-off and leave TMC to do everything from devising questions to creative storyboarding.
  • TMC can assist with sharing your video in multiple formats for social media and other channels.

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“We really love Fiona’s film. Our Chief Executive loves it so much she
wants to show it at our Summer Ball. Thank you for capturing her frankness
and gentle nature so well. They combine to be very powerful.”

Katie Ronald | Ayrshire Hospice

Different types of charity videos

Video offers an extremely diverse method of communication. If you are a charity looking to make the most of this medium here are some ways you can consider developing your video content.

1. Introductory videos

This is a great way to let your audience know what your charity is all about. A short and succinct introductory video is one of the best ways to convey the heart and soul of your cause. Placed on the home page of your website this kind of video is bound to increase engagement and supporter buy-in.

2. Case studies

How does your charity make a difference? No one will tell this better than the people you have helped. Sharing their stories will inspire people to donate whilst keeping current donors informed on the impact of their giving.

3. Fundraising campaigns

When you need to raise funds for the charity or a special initiative, video provides a great way to get the message across. In order to take action your audience needs to be emotionally charged. A short video that highlights the needs of your beneficiaries and how your charity helps can achieve so much. Unlike images and text, a well executed film can stir the emotions and drive significant response rates.

4. Volunteer stories

Most charities are highly dependant on their volunteers. Hearing their stories as to why they work with you and what it is like to be involved in the charity can be hugely inspiring. For everyone from current staff to potential new volunteers and beneficiaries, this type of video will always generate great interest.

5. Promote specific services

You may have a very specific service or new product you want to tell people about. When it is something new it can be a challenge explaining what it is all about and how it can benefit people. Video is a perfect way to overcome this and get people enthused about what you are offering.

The benefits of a charity video

  • Gives your charity a more personable and human appeal
  • Allows you to communicate from your heart and soul
  • Enables you to tell stories that stir people’s emotions
  • Video presents a great way to get everyone involved – staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries
  • People respond to people, and short of face-to-face, video is the next best thing
  • Video can be used in multiple ways – websites, social media, presentations and events
  • Above all else video is the most shared content on social media
  • Video can be a powerful fundraising tool that never sleeps