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How we work

  • Filming in a hotel requires good
    organisation especially when working in
    uncontrolled environments.
  • We create hotel videos to ensure the
    unique character, culture and values of your brand
    are effectively communicated.
  • Our talented film crews can cover every
    part of the UK and regularly operate overseas.
  • Hotels are busy places and can’t
    shut down for filming, which is why we will
    properly plan and manage the logistics well
    before filming starts.
  • We manage all the creative, storyboarding,
    scheduling and planning in advance.
  • At TMC we offer affordable yet outstanding
    quality for all our hotel clients, no matter how big or small.

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“The video is absolutely amazing. I showed the first edit at a team meeting yesterday and everyone broke into spontaneous applause at the end and commented about how they got goosebumps.”

Nathan Chart | Grand Harbour Hotel

The hotel video production process

Experience is an important factor in creating a successful hotel video production. Here we explain a few of the key steps involved when planning your video.

Your objectives

Make sure you know why you want a video and what you intend to do with it. Being clear on how you intend to use it will affect many things including the content.

Video content

When it comes to showcasing your hotel, what are the priorities? For some it is meeting and events whereas for others it is leisure or weddings. Will your video be one that includes everything or are you thinking of a series of short focus videos?


For an engaging production a good hotel video often includes people. For this, will you use models hired in or are you going to ask staff to be part of the video? Also, what is your policy on guests and do you need model release forms.


At TMC we will help you with the creative process. There are many forms your video can take and unless you already have specific thoughts we will be delighted to come up with innovative ideas for you. Once agreed on the creative approach and content we will develop a detailed storyboard. This will serve as a useful guide before, during and after filming.


From the storyboard the shot list is then created. Depending on the size of the property and the content to be included we usually film over 2-3 days. It’s important that from the shot list a detailed schedule is created so you can plan ahead and make sure everyone is in place at the right time.

For more information on planning your hotel video read our recent blog.

The benefits of a hotel video

  • Allows guests to see your hotel before booking
  • Highly sharable via email and social media
  • Useful for sales presentations and events
  • Allows you to focus video content on specific areas of the hotel
  • Improves your search engine positioning
  • Gives authenticity and personality to your brand
  • A great way to develop stories around your people
  • Perfect content for social media