5 tips for getting the best out of Facebook video production

5 tips for getting the best out of Facebook video production

Facebook may be one of the oldest kids on the social media block, but it’s a platform that has scarcely relented in its usefulness for social video production. The fact remains that Facebook is extremely powerful for both small and larger firms looking to heighten brand awareness, engagement and sales.

Below are just five of the ways in which you can extract greater impact from your own brand’s Facebook video marketing efforts in 2020.

1. Use the right type of video at the right time, for the right purpose

There’s no single right approach to take with a Facebook video, because there’s no single reason why you might wish to create one.

Sometimes, you may be looking to use ‘brand story’ videos that appeal to customers’ emotions and are geared towards generating brand awareness. On other occasions, however, you might wish to better inform your customers through an FAQ video, or promote a specific upcoming event.

2. Focus on attracting views, shares and engagement

In recent times, Facebook has been adjusting its algorithms to ensure it isn’t just how many views a given video might attract that determines how it is treated by the platform, but also how long the video keeps people engaged, and how well the video is shared.

Now, more than ever, then, your brand’s Facebook social video production needs to focus on being genuinely inspiring, relevant and useful to viewers; you can’t just use a snappy title or eye-catching thumbnail to rack up the views, with little or no regard to the standard of your content.

3. Ensure the first few seconds are interesting

While – as we outlined above – you can’t depend on mere gimmicks to ‘get ahead’ with your Facebook video marketing, it’s also important to acknowledge that social media users are constantly coming and going.

You therefore only have a few seconds to tempt each viewer to stay, and could easily bore them sufficiently that they move swiftly onto another video. Whether you keep the viewer with you by building suspense in your video opening or instead perhaps asking some intriguing questions, you should be determined not to squander those crucial first few seconds.

4. Include a video in the ‘About’ section

This part of a Facebook business profile is often used simply to provide bland details about the name of the company, some services and when the business was founded.

You might not have even realised, in fact, that you could include a video in that space – so why not consider using it to showcase a new product or promote a looming event? You might also take the opportunity to add a short, but intriguing caption to lure page visitors into watching.

5. Provide meaningful and helpful content

One of the keys to social video production that actually gets results – whether or not the resulting video in question will be published on Facebook – is avoiding making it too overt a sales pitch.

While the latter instinct is an understandable one, the viewer will still be expecting you to provide them with useful information. Furthermore, you can communicate to the viewer that the video will actually consist of such useful and relevant information, with an engaging title – perhaps something starting with “How to…”, “5 reasons why…” or “What you need to know about…”

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