Cake Décor – Rainbow Cake

Baking recipe video designed to go viral on social media channels

Cake Décor – Rainbow Cake

Baking recipe video designed to go viral on social media channels


Food recipe videos have a strong viral following on social media. Cake Décor wanted to take advantage of this by producing fast paced good quality videos that people enjoy watching and want to share. TMC were briefed to help Cake Décor produce a series of viral food videos for social media sharing. With 50,000 Facebook followers, there was a good audience ready to receive engaging video content produced in the same style as the popular Tasty videos from Buzzfeed.


Video for social media sharing to demonstrate how to use Cake Décor’s cake decorating products. This is the first in a series of videos showcasing Cake Décor products in a fun and entertaining way. Cake Décor decided that they wanted to produce these videos in-house but didn’t have the expertise required to do it. Therefore, they asked TMC to produce two pilot videos and to train their staff on how it could be done. We guided the client on which equipment to buy and helped them set up a studio within their factory.


We then filmed the first two videos whilst training the staff on how to use the equipment. Prior to filming, storyboards were created by TMC from which a clear shot list was developed in order to ensure everything could be filmed in one day. We then edited the videos, adding dynamic animations and effects in post-production. The videos have been made square to suit Facebook and Instagram social platforms.

"I’ve used one or two other video production companies in the past, but TMC displayed a much quicker level of understanding and rapidly picked up what we were looking for in every brief."

Marc Keenan - Managing Director | Forrest Media

Crew members

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing
Paul Russell – DoP

Video transcript

Bake 180oc/350oF 35 – 40 minutes
Frost board to secure
Sandwich together with frosting
Crumb coat
Refrigerate for one hour
Top frosting layer
Cake Decor

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