Colin Montgomerie Instruction

De Vere Hotels brand ambassador video

Colin Montgomerie Instruction

De Vere Hotels brand ambassador video


In his role as brand ambassador for De Vere Hotels Colin Montgomerie completed a series of golf instruction videos at The Carrick in Loch Lomond. De Vere asked TMC to film and edit the videos with a view to using them in social media, online marketing and various PR initiatives.


Instructional golf video presented by Colin Montgomerie at The Carrick, Loch Lomond. As a brand ambassador for De Vere Hotels Colin Montgomerie made himself available for videos. This video was created to act as premium content for the hotel group. Colin delivers his golf advice in a natural and energetic style. A must watch for any amateur golfer.


It was important that each video production had a strong brand identity with a standardised theme that was dynamic and stylised to suit the target market. This is just one of a series of six golf instruction videos covering everything from bunker control to finding fairways. The videos have been hugely popular and it is easy to see why.

"The Marketing Café have been a delight to work with and met all our expectations throughout the process – from budget, to deadlines to quality. The whole business have been impressed with the final product and the expertise and attention to detail have been applauded."

Kate Murphy – De Vere Hotels & Resorts

Crew members

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing
Paul Russell – DoP

Video transcript

The Carrick with Colin Montgomerie
The Carrick on Loch Lomond country club
Colin Montgomerie: I’m Colin Montgomerie and I’m here today at The Carrick on Loch Lomond to give you some golfing tips.
Course Management | Matchplay Tips
Colin: So here we are at par 5, decision time, we love this, don’t we? The average amateur loves this decision. What do we do? You know, we’ve got 210 yards to a pin that’s located as you see in a very tight position on the left hand side, over some bunkers and Loch Lomond is on our left. Dangerous. We have room on the right hand side to go to or do we play it safe? So the 18 handicapper is not going to pull off this shot, 1 in 50 might happen, so what I’d advise the average amateur to do is a hit a very simple seven iron, which I’ll show you in a minute, over this bunker on the right and in with his wedge. Safe five, possible four. This club, for the average amateur, brings in the word six, brings in the word seven, all sorts of problems can arise. So I’ll do this for you now because I’m not the average amateur. Right, here we go. Hopefully. OK. 210 yards. This is my 20 degree hybrid, going to aim on the right hand side of the green as it does, and hopefully two put for my birdie. But, I would encourage the average amateur, if you don’t mind me coming over here to my bag, picking up my seven iron and hitting this as I would advise amateurs to do over this right hand bunker, on the right hand side, giving myself room to come in to the pin on the left. As I say, easy five, possible four and you’re going to walk off with a birdie, let’s hope.
The Carrick on Loch Lomond country club

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