Ayrshire Hospice – April’s Story

Patient story for the Hospice day services

Ayrshire Hospice – April’s Story

Patient story for the Hospice day services


The Ayrshire Hospice wanted to tell the story of Solus Day Centre. A place that people with life limiting illness can come for respite, relaxation and stimulation. This is part of a series of patient stories talking about their conditions and the support they have had from the Hospice. Working with The Ayrshire Hospice has been a delight, and we have been truly inspired by the stories we have heard. It is encouraging to hear that the films have been very well received after initial viewings from sponsors, volunteers, supporters and staff. Find out more here


The Ayrshire Hospice provides care and services which improves the quality of each day for people who have a limited time to live. They help people to live as actively as they can to the end of their lives – however long that may be, wherever that may be. The care they provide not only seeks to alleviate pain and symptoms, but also allows people to stay engaged with friends, family and their community. The patient and their family are at the centre of all the care provided. Family members, close friends and carers are also supported both during a person’s illness and following bereavement.


The Ayrshire Hospice provides care and respite to help people with life-limiting illness. The hospice approached TMC with a view to producing high-quality video stories as told by patients who attend the daycare centre called Solus. After visiting the hospice we could clearly see the outstanding care that was being provided. It was a story worth telling and telling well. As this was a charity, TMC offered to produce a series of videos on a complimentary basis. The videos tell the stories of four patients each from unique viewpoints. This is April’s story.

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Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing
Alasdair Smith – DoP

Video transcript

Ayrshire Hospice | Making today matter
April’s story
I initially came to Scotland to help care for my brother who has mental health issues. Both my parents are elderly and I managed to find a job whilst I was up here and then I unfortunately went for a check up to the doctors and was diagnosed with primary breast cancer which has gone on to secondary cancer of the liver and the bone.
Obviously I could not move in with my brother to care for him and he’s not in any position to be able to care for me so I was referred here to the hospice.
It’s been quite a journey for me , finding out that diagnosis, it was quite shocking at first so that was a lot for me to take in but the staff here are very understanding and very helpful so I can talk to anybody at any time if I have been feeling a bit low or anything like that. It’s really good.
I’m very glad that I come here and I’ve discovered a lot more about hospices along the way and what they’re really all about. It’s not just about being terminally ill and you know dying and all the rest of it, it’s about living as well.
The staff are absolutely wonderful. They really are very caring, supportive, information, you know if you’ve got any questions whatsoever, they’re there to help you and guide you along the way.
If anyone was a bit apprehensive about the hospice I would reassure them that this is a place where they will receive absolutely excellent care. There’s lots going on for them and it will help provide them with a better quality of life. It’s done that for me, absolutely, and introduced me to a lot of different things like artwork for example. When I was at school I always wanted to do art but I never got to do it and now I’ve got this lovely opportunity to do art, you know I’ve been doing some lovely pictures and really enjoying it, it’s Brough out my creative side so yeah.
We have team games, word games, all sorts of things. We even ha d music quiz the other week, that was lovely, so there’s always something to keep you occupied and meeting all the different people that come here to the day centre as well is so nice because I don’t get out and about very much and it’s nice for my parents to have a break themselves, to have a whole day off from caring for me so I can come and do something I like. I can get my nails done so that sort of thing, you know, spend some quality time on me and my parents can have a bit of respite from me.
Receiving the complimentary therapies that I get here really helps with my treatments. I feel a lot better after I’ve had my complimentary therapies and things like that. You know, excellent staff on hand if necessary, if I do become ill or anything like that whilst I’m here so I feel very safe in this environment.
I have made a few friends here. I’ve met Muriel and Margaret and Elaine, the two Ina’s, partners in crime. So we all have a nice social gathering here. Everybody gets on which is nice, you know, everybody has a laugh together. We have quite a giggle sometimes and we enjoy all the different activities together so sometimes it’s just nice to sit and have a chat with someone.
Ayrshire Hospice | Making today matter
Directed & Produced by The Marketing Café
Cameraman Alasdair Smith

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