Ayrshire Hospice – Fiona’s Story

Patient story for the Hospice day services

Ayrshire Hospice


Patients from the Ayrshire Hospice tell stories of their conditions and the support they receive.


The Ayrshire Hospice want to bring attention to their Your Day, Your Way programme. A twelve-week self management centre, where patients with life limiting conditions can come to relax.


Ayr, South Ayrshire

The Ayrshire Hospice contacted TMC with the project of sharing their patients’ stories with the world. The idea was to produce high quality video of their experiences.

We were introduced to the ‘Your day, Your way’ programme, in which patients are invited to attend to learn coping strategies, find friendship, exercise, participate in workshops, and more. As a result of this, it brings the patient closer to the people around them, and provides a real sense of purpose.

After our time there, we felt moved and inspired by what we heard. The affect that the Hospice had was clear to see in everyone we spoke to. Because of this, TMC offered feel this charity has to be shared. This is Fiona’s story of how the Ayrshire Hospice changed her life.

Working with the Ayrshire Hospice was such a delight. It has been wonderful to hear that this series has had such a profound effect, and has been well received by sponsors, supporters, and staff.


The Ayrshire Hospice are a charity who provide care to those with life limiting illnesses, such as cancer, neurological conditions, heart failure and lung disease. They intend to improve quality of life and bring out a sense of belonging for those in their care.

Above all, the charity focus on helping adults to live their best lives for as long as they can. Therefore, they attend to all aspects and troubles the patients may be having, from alleviating pain and symptoms, to allowing people to stay social and emotionally connected.

The Ayrshire Hospice also offer support to friends and family of the patient during their illness, and following bereavement. Care from them can be provided in a number of locations, such as in the patients own home or in purpose built day care units.

The patient and their family are the main focus for all care and support provided.

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Crew members:

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing
Paul Russel – DoP

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