Glen’s Vodka

Video for use in sales presentations to show their widespread marketing

Glen’s Vodka


Video to be used in sales presentations and across social media demonstrating the level of promotional activity by the brand.


Glen’s Vodka is well know in Scotland having recently committed £5m to an ad campaign. They needed a sale presentation video to show the dominance of the brand in outdoor advertising and across social media. The purpose of the video was to convince retail buyers in the wider UK market that Glen’s is a brand they should be stocking.



Glen’s provided TMC with details of the brand and their marketing strategies, along with colour palettes and brand persona. We were given free-reign when creating the video concept and therefore took it upon ourselves to do a lot of research into the brand and Glen’s market. We looked at various styles and artistic approaches and created a mood board from there. Our approach was then agreed with Glen’s. The storyboard and shot details were worked out from there.

Glen’s Vodka is a Scottish brand with one of the largest followings in the country. They have been making their original vodka for over 20 years and recently expanded their brand by launching Glen’s Platinum and Glen’s Flavours. We used product placement and advertising in this video to ensure the best gain for the client. We aimed to show just how well known the brand is in Scotland and the value in seeing it rolled out to a wider UK audience.

We shot the video with a small crew of just two from TMC along with two actors sourced and hired with the approval and consideration of the team at Glen’s. The video was created over two evenings of filming in Glasgow. Both nights, Radisson Red Glasgow was used as the main venue.

Glen’s Vodka have used the video at various sales meetings and it has been rolled out across social media. Glen’s have been delighted with the result.

Crew members:

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing
Paul Russell – DoP

The video looks great, we’re really pleased with how it turned out and how powerful the messaging is. Thank you again for everything and for getting this out so quickly for the team to use at their meetings this week, it was greatly appreciated.

Alisha Goodwin, Brand Manager | Loch Lomond Group

Created by Kara Meikle | May 8, 2019 | Brand