Life and Times

Launch video for a new TMC owned video production business

Life and Times

Launch video for a new TMC owned video production business


Life and Times are a small and friendly team of filmmaking professionals. They are dedicated to what they do and love making movies that stir the emotions. There is nothing that gives them greater satisfaction than seeing the client’s faces when they deliver a finished production. This is a new concept and not one that can be easily explained. Life & Times decided a video would be the best way to introduce potential customers to the benefits of a bespoke video produced for friends and family. Find out more.


A Life & Times movie is the perfect gift. If you know a unique individual who is about to reach a major milestone this could be what you have been looking for. A Life & Times Production is compatible with any large hi-definition cinema screen, which means you can hire any cinema in the country for an exclusive private event. Their mission is to bring people’s stories to life in a manner that is normally only reserved for super celebrities. In 100 years from now, future generations will watch the movies with reverence. They are making history.


To support the launch of Life & Times Productions we created this two-minute promotional video to explain the concept. We decided to go for a handheld walk through London with a professional presenter. Carefully scripted and storyboarded we take the viewer on a sumptuous journey from concept to completion. The entire video was shot in one day and edited in less than a week. The result is a highly engaging promotional film that has been used successfully on the company website and across social media.

"The video is absolutely amazing. I showed the first edit at a team meeting yesterday and everyone broke into spontaneous applause at the end and commented about how they got goosebumps."

Nathan Chart | Grand Harbour Hotel

Crew members

Ian Palmer – Producer/Director/Editing

Video transcript

Buying a gift for someone special, who’s celebrating a major milestone is never easy. Whether it’s a momentous birthday, retirement or anniversary what do you buy someone who has it all?
Gold watches and diamond rings have their place, but where can you find a more unique gift, one that will be appreciated and valued on a much deeper level?
Something they would love, but wouldn’t consider buying for themselves.
A gift created exclusively for them, bringing together everything they hold dear – loved ones, family, friends and even colleagues.
Here at Life & Times Productions we believe we have found the answer.
Our film studio produces movies of a very different kind, movies that celebrate people’s lives.
By mixing real stories with archive footage, photos and great music, Life & Times will tell your loved ones life story in a truly magical way, like it’s never been told before.
And what makes a Life and Times production really special? The fact that it can be played in hi-definition Dolby stereo, right here on the big screen.
It’s not just a gift, it’s a movie premier, an event that you can invite anyone to.
So, prepare yourself – are you ready for a Life and Times movie production? I know I am.
A lifetime in the making

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