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How to guide for Android Smart LED TV

Cello Electronics


This Product demonstration video explains the Android Smart TV feature in Cello TVs with guidance on setting up.


Many TVs in the Cello range include Smart functionality all of which use the Android platform. Although intuitive to operate, Cello wanted a video to assist new users with the set up whilst promoting the key features.


Craigie, South Ayrshire

This video was produced from a series of still images shot at TMC’s South Ayrshire studio. We then familiarised ourselves with the TV and the Android Smart functionality. This included setting up the TV, connecting to Wi-Fi and downloading apps. From this we developed a script and storyboard.

In the editing studio we animated the photography as well as adding graphics, animations and FX to complete the picture. We also sourced a professional voiceover to read the script.

The video has been utilised across the Cello website on the YouTube Channel and social media. It has been very useful in helping customers through the set up process and is also used to encourage new sales online.

This video is a good example of TMC’s end-to-end solution. This includes writing the script, filming, animation, graphics, editing and sourcing the voiceover talent.

Crew members:

Ian Palmer – Camera and editing
Jenny Dunbar – Voiceover

Created by wpMURRgxfLHn | October 12, 2016 | Product Demos