Cello – Android Explainer

How to guide for Android Smart LED TV

Cello – Android Explainer

How to guide for Android Smart LED TV


Many TVs in the Cello range include Smart functionality all of which use the Android platform. Although intuitive to operate, Cello wanted a video to assist new users with the set up whilst promoting the key features. The video has been utilised across the Cello website on the YouTube Channel and social media. It has been very useful in helping customers through the set up process and is also used to encourage new sales online.


This Product demonstration video explains the Android Smart TV feature in Cello TVs with guidance on setting up.
This video is a good example of TMC’s end-to-end solution. This includes writing the script, filming, animation, graphics, editing and sourcing the voiceover talent.


This video was produced from a series of still images shot at TMC’s South Ayrshire studio. We then familiarised ourselves with the TV and the Android Smart functionality. This included setting up the TV, connecting to Wi-Fi and downloading apps. From this we developed a script and storyboard. In the editing studio we animated the photography as well as adding graphics, animations and FX to complete the picture. We also sourced a professional voiceover to read the script.

"The video looks great, we’re really pleased with how it turned out and how powerful the messaging is. Thank you again for everything and for getting this out so quickly for the team to use at their meetings this week, it was greatly appreciated."

Alisha Goodwin, Brand Manager | Loch Lomond Group

Crew members

Ian Palmer - Camera and editing
Jenny Dunbar - Voiceover

Video transcript

Welcome to the Cello Smart TV powered by Android
Now you can view all of your favourite Android apps from the comfort of your armchair
Setting up your TV to download and install Android apps is a straightforward process that we will now walk you through.
Firstly we should familiarise ourselves with the remote control.
At the top right is the ‘Smart’ button, which enables you to switch from Smart TV to traditional viewing otherwise referred to as ‘home’.
The mouse button activates the mouse pointer, which then acts like a mouse on a computer screen.
If you see this hand symbol when you scroll up/down left/right you will know you are in mouse mode.
To deactivate the mouse press the mouse button again.
Use the ‘exit’ button to leave any menu or back up through a menu
The thumb stick buttons allow you to navigate the on-screen menus
Use these buttons to scroll up and down
The standard remote control that comes with the TV is capable of working all of the functions of the Android TV.
However, with so many keyboard operations you may prefer to upgrade to the ‘Air Remote’.
This has been developed to simplify and streamline remote control operations. It can be ordered online at celloeelectronics.com / goodmans.net or by calling 0871 288 4775
To set up the Android functionality there are 3 key steps you will need to take:
1. Inputting your language, country and timezone details.
2. Setting up Wi-Fi or direct Ethernet
3. Select or create a new Google account. You will need a Google account to download Android apps.
Once complete you will be ready to start downloading apps and able to enjoy the many benefits of this Smart TV.
Okay let’s get started
Firstly, activate the Android Smart TV function by pressing the ‘Smart’ key on the remote control
The initial set-up will then begin. You will be led through the process of inputting your language, country and timezone.
Use the thumb stick on the remote to select your preferred options.
Once complete you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the ‘end user license agreement’.
Please note this TV can be connected to the Internet either via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.
If you have an Ethernet cable connected then the TV will automatically detect this allowing you to proceed directly to the next stage.
If a Wi-Fi hub is detected, the TV will automatically prompt you to connect. The Wi-Fi selection window will pop-up giving you two options:
1. Skip Wi-Fi set-up by pressing the ‘exit’ key
2. Set-up your Wi-Fi connection
Once you have selected your Wi-Fi network you will need to enter your password.
The cursor will be in position ready to receive your input. To enter the password you will need to activate the ‘QUERTY’ keyboard.
Simply press the ‘okay’ key on the remote control to bring up the keyboard.
Using the thumb stick or the mouse function you can then navigate the keyboard. Remember for capital letters you will need to press the ‘shift’ key each time before entering the letter.
Once you have correctly entered your password select connect either using the thumbstick or the mouse function. Sometimes to get to precise locations the mouse function is easier.
When your Wi-Fi connection shows as ‘Connected’, you will be ready for the next step. Press the ‘exit’ key to proceed.
In order to download and enjoy Android apps you will need a Google account. This will give you access to the Google Play store.
You will be given the option of adding an existing Google account or creating a new one.
If you already have a Google account enter your Google email address and password. If the cursor is in position ready for input the QUERTY keyboard will activate when you select ‘okay’ on the remote control. If the cursor is not in position you can use the mouse function to place it.
If you don’t have a Google account select ‘new’. You will then be taken through the new Google account set up process where you will need to choose a unique email address and password.
Once complete the main dashboard will appear on the screen.
You can now use the Android Smart TV in much the same way as an Android Tablet or Smart Phone.
Choose from thousands of Android apps for streaming films, listening to music, social networking and playing games.
Although you won’t be charged for free apps, in order to download from the Google Play store you will need to provide a payment method such as a credit card, debit card or PayPal account.
We hope you enjoy using this Cello Android Smart TV and if you need any further support please visit celloelectronics.com

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