Cello – Superfast Smart

Video to promote Cello's fantastic new Smart TV

Cello – Superfast Smart

Video to promote Cello's fantastic new Smart TV


This video is to recognise Cello’s fantastic new product which is unlike any other Smart TV on the market. Cello needed a promotional video to help convert potential buyers into sales for their new latest innovated product, particularly as most Cello products are sold online through Ecommerce.


This video looks specifically at the services that the new Superfast Smart TV has to offer. The Smart System has access to thousands of apps that can all be operated on the TV. Content can be streamed from many platforms, such as Netflix, AmazonPrime and NowTV. Using the built-in WiFi and two USB ports to record live television, the video shows how this Smart TV allows you to experience a new world of entertainment.


3D rendering shots of Smart TV are used in this video to capture its unique qualities and services. TMC were given drawings of this product from the manufacturer to create lifelike 3D video renders. There was no filming required for this particular production.

"The video looks great, we’re really pleased with how it turned out and how powerful the messaging is. Thank you again for everything and for getting this out so quickly for the team to use at their meetings this week, it was greatly appreciated."

Alisha Goodwin, Brand Manager | Loch Lomond Group

Crew members

Ian Palmer – Director/3D Editing and Rendering

Video transcript

*Product design and specifications may change depending on the model shown.
Superfast Smart
It’s now more important than ever, that modern TVs are able to integrate and adapt to our evolving entertainment needs. To deliver content when we want it and how we want it both offline and on.
Introducing, the new Cello superfast smart system where terrestrial content, video streaming, catch up TV, gaming and music apps are beautifully brought together in one place, on one large LED TV screen. What sets this new smart system apart is the super-fast user interface and its integration between traditional TV and the expansive world of online content. This smart TV system is able to directly access literally thousands of Android apps which can be downloaded, installed and operated on the TV. Popular catch-up apps like BBC iPlayer, SkyGo, ITV Hub and 4OD can be quickly and easily accessed. This is truly revolutionising the way we watch media channels and Cello is at the forefront of this transformation. In addition, seamless access to streaming content from platforms such as Netflix, NowTV and Amazon Prime will immerse you in a whole new world of entertainment. Add to this, all the sports channels from Sky to BT Sport and it’s easy to conceive a future without the clutter of set-top boxes. In less than 10 seconds, you can move from offline viewing to online streaming content. This is made effortless with the ergonomically designed 9-axis gyroscope WiFi remote that’s Wi-Fi enabled. The Cello smart system includes a programme guide that is truly unique in that it elegantly integrates the power of smart apps within the menu system. Known as ‘Cello Play’, you can move forward through the TV guide to record upcoming content or move back to locate programs that have been missed. Integrated apps such s BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, or even YouTube give you the option to directly access any content related to previous programmes in the guide. The Cello superfast smart system is a revolutionary TV for the modern-day consumer. For the first time, we have brought together every entertainment need into one central device for all the family to enjoy. Proudly made in the UK, this really is a smarter smart tv.
Cello – Smarter smart TV
*Product design and specifications may change depending on the model shown.

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