10 Predictions for Video Marketing in 2019

10 Predictions for Video Marketing in 2019

Video marketing has gone from what many saw as a fad to a mainstay in modern promotional campaigns. Thanks to more widespread internet access via smartphones and other devices, more people are consuming video content than ever before. That’s why experts anticipate video marketing to grow even more in 2019. In particular, many of these leaders in the industry agree on a number of predictions for video marketing in the coming year. Here are ten of these predictions you can incorporate into your video marketing campaigns now to get a jump on the competition.

1. Email and Video Content Will Become More Integrated

While a good number of emails do include linked videos, it hasn’t become widespread just yet. However, surveys have shown that emails with “video” in the subject line are more often opened than emails without this keyword. One issue marketers have had is that many email providers don’t allow videos to be embedded in emails. However, this is expected to change. With videos becoming more important to email marketers, experts anticipate email providers will make their platforms more video-friendly, adding functionality for embedding videos and autoplaying them when emails are opened.

2. Short Videos Will Continue to be Key

While social media platforms may be experimenting with longer video options, short videos are going to continue to be the most useful for marketing. Although webinars and other long content will certainly have their uses, marketing will continue to focus on those “micro-moments,” short clips that focus on sharing one particular message. Viewers don’t want to watch commercials, especially commercials more than 30 seconds long. The short video clip is still going to be king in 2019.

3. Video Marketing Will Become More Present on eCommerce Sites

While a good number of eCommerce sites do make use of videos to describe and promote products, you can expect to see this become more prevalent in 2019. Videos have proven to be more engaging than any other type of content, which is why videos that explain the features, benefits, pricing, and other information for products are vital to improving sales. Engaging customers through videos increases conversion rates, so to keep ahead of the competition, you’re going to want to integrate videos into all of your product pages.

4. Search Engines Will Focus More on Video Results

Many search engines already consider video content when ranking websites, but it’s expected that video will start playing an even more important role in organic search ranking. No one is ever certain what Google’s next algorithm update will include, but many do expect the company and others to start placing more importance on videos.

5. The Live Video Trend Will Continue

Many social media sites have added live video options in the past couple of years, and that trend is likely to continue. These live videos give you the chance to interact with your audience in real time or share events as they occur, which may be preferred over posting a video after the event has ended. Integrating these live events into a marketing campaign can provide benefits you may not yet be taking advantage of.

6. Video Marketing Will Become More Integral to Campaigns

You may not be investing a large amount of money in video marketing at the moment, but as it becomes more popular and vital to campaigns, budgets will change. In 2018, 80% of companies spent, on average, more than 50% on video marketing than they did in 2017. This year, many predict to see that number increase even more.

7. Shoppable Videos Will Become the Norm

Industry experts predict that many more videos will become shoppable—that is, viewers will be able to click on a product in the video and immediately be taken to a page where they can buy it. This will improve conversion rates and make videos even more integral to eCommerce.

8. Consumers Will See Videos in a Positive Light

This is already happening, but many experts suggest consumers will continue to respond to videos in a positive way. One survey has shown that more than half of consumers want to see videos, especially informative and helpful videos. This trend is likely to continue, and more people will share these videos with others on social media.

9. More Brands Will Begin Creating Videos

Videos are a great way of giving your brand a face and its own unique voice. This year, that trend is expected to continue, and if you’re not a part of it, you may be left behind. Many of the brands that have already invested in video marketing have created a strong persona for themselves. If you haven’t, it’s certainly something you’ll want to consider doing.

10. Video Content Quality Will Decrease Overall

While the actual resolution will continue to improve, the overall content of the videos is likely to decrease because of how accessible it is. If anyone can pick up their phone and create a video, there’s much less preparation and skill that goes into that video. This is likely to result in low-quality videos that businesses create simply because they feel pressured to make a video. This is where it will become very obvious which brands have worked with a video production company and which have simply used the equipment they have on-hand to create on-the-fly content.

These ten predictions show just how the video marketing industry is likely to change this year. By embracing video marketing and making it a priority in your marketing campaigns this year, you will be able to keep up with these trends and outpace your competition.