Placing Video into Your LinkedIn Profile

Placing Video into Your LinkedIn Profile

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Did you know that you can now add video to your LinkedIn professional profile? This is a great opportunity to make sure your profile stands out against most LinkedIn profiles which are all very similar and quite dry.

It’s well documented that video is now sweeping across the web as more and more web surfers choose this form of content over text and images. So, how do you add video to your LinkedIn? It’s easy really and can be done in 3 simple steps:

1. Open your LinkedIn page and select edit profile

2. Decide which section(s) you want to add your videos to

You can add videos to the Experience, Summary and Education sections of your profile. Simply click the ‘add link’ button at the foot of your chosen section then place the URL provided by your video hosting provider in the space provided. For example in YouTube or Vimeo when you select ‘share’ you will be provided with a share link that can be added here. You can also upload images, PowerPoint presentations, SlideShare and other documents. LinkedIn supports a large number of video sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Brightcove.

3. Insert the share link

Insert the link, review the title and description that is automatically populated from your YouTube account and click ‘add to profile’. You can add more than one video to each section and as you can see below I chose to add two videos in the ‘Summary’ section of my profile.

It’s going to be interesting to see all those wonderful profile videos appearing on LinkedIn over the coming years.

We are still waiting to see how videos can be added to a ‘Company Page’ beyond just a simple update. Seems like an obvious one, so hopefully that functionality should appear soon for promotional brand videos.