Hotel Video Production for the Uninitiated

Hotel Video Production for the Uninitiated

As a consultant, I have the dubious privilege of staying in many luxury hotels around the world for too many nights in any one year. My ideal hotel would combine all the facilities and food of a chain combined with the best elements of quirky which tend to be found in the more “boutique-style” of owner run premises.

Even better for me would be the chance to see a hotel video production before I land or arrive so I can make the most of my short, busy stay. I need to know about food, the gym and any other services on offer and what makes the hotel different or better from any other, after all, first impressions do count

The decision about where to stay is very rarely mine, but organised for me by a dedicated member of staff who has to have the Wisdom of Solomon and the negotiating skills of Donald Trump’s backroom boys! She has to source the best price and meet the needs of a maverick team and that is where an ability to look at a luxury hotel video production is fast becoming an essential tool in her decision-making. A quicker decision could be made, and she would get less negative feedback from the team. Families too in this age of democracy might need a little help with their collective decision-making, which isn’t easy by using comparison websites alone.

OK, I have described what is in it from, the customer, so what is in it for a hotel or chain? Well in the scheme of things, the hotel industry has been a little behind the curve in using hotel video marketing in comparison to other innovations. But with customer review sites becoming increasingly important in decision making, hotels which have a strong marketing focus can take back some of the control from these “citizen journalist” sites. With a well-sourced hotel video promo hotels can once again engage with the customer giving potential guests a real feel of their offering, and with smart TV’s and ultra-high definition, Hotel video marketing has moved from the den of geek into a family experience as they make a virtual visit before the actual. Having a luxury hotel video production could certainly give any hotel a competitive edge. Nor do they need to be a dull affair, staff profiles, learn how to make anything from cocktails to chef’s speciality online might attract other traffic to your website too.

So, from the benefits it looks like a no-brainer, so how can it be done? As the meerkat says “simples!” The first rule is, unless you have a second string in video production this cannot be a DIY job! Developing a luxury hotel video production needs to be a professional undertaking, so here is a checklist to help you choose your hotel video marketing company:

  • Look at the client list
  • View their exemplars
  • Do they have testimonials from other hotels?
  • Give them a clear brief but be prepared to listen too (they will add value, that’s their job)
  • Check out their services – they may offer a complete package including writing the scripts and hiring talent.

While you sit back (!) and manage your hotel, the production company should be able to plan and execute the shoot with minimal involvement from you. They will then take away their shot material and complete the post-production. You can then amaze your audience and reach many more potential guests in this very 21st century style, luxury hotel video production communication.,

Fortunately, Basil Fawlty is not included!