Ignite Your Business with Sales Presentation Videos

Ignite Your Business with Sales Presentation Videos

Sales presentation videos give life to any sales pitch that needs a pick me up. If you’re struggling to close deals, and find your audience napping or playing with their iPhones, consider making a video to create the momentum you need to get those signature lines signed.

Many companies are stuck on boring sales techniques. They’re predictable, overly reliant on PowerPoint, and assume that the customer doesn’t need to be wowed when they sit down to hear about the product.

Prospects respond to companies that go above and beyond. If you are dressed poorly, speak incorrectly, and bring the wrong attitude into the meeting you are toast. The same goes with your ability to stand out and a sales presentation video in combination to your pitch will certainly turn heads if it’s done right.

When you sell, you have to make an emotional connection with your customer. Sometimes one voice isn’t enough. A sales presentation video created by a reliable and creative video marketing agency can make your pitch seem like you have an entire team behind you. If you’re considering adding an explainer video or even a webinar to your sales funnel then you should read this article to know what to look for in a great video.

Warm Up Your Clients

If you subscribe to the belief that content marketing is a great way to warm up your client before the close, then sales presentation videos should make perfect sense to you. It’s the content you create which allows your customers to see you in the right light.

If your content is unoriginal and lacking substance, your presentation will not inspire. However, if your content is provocative and inspiring to the reader, they’ll be much more receptive to your sales message.

Simplify Technical Sections

How many times have you been to a sales presentation where the representative just cannot explain the technical sections without putting the audience to sleep? Too many times right? Well, a short and concise technical video will keep your audience attentive and make your presenter look like a genius.

If you’re selling over GoToMeeting or WebEx instead of meeting people face-to-face, using videos will make the technical content engaging and allow you to focus on more important issues. These cheaper sales models are becoming the standard because of the time saved and dramatic reduction in overhead costs. Video sales presentations enhance these cheaper models by adding personalisation and the added voice to get your audience ready to sign.

The problem with models like this is the lack of personalisation, options and the lack of sensory appeal that you get with a face-to-face encounter. Adding a short video to explain the technicalities of your business and making it available after the presentation will set your pitch above the noisy environment that most salespeople navigate.

Customize for Higher Conversions

If you personalise your video to your prospects’ needs, you will easily see a higher ROI. More specifically, this means if you focus on the problems they have attracting or keeping clients and turning casual traffic into buyers they will be more receptive to your message and in turn increase your revenue. This is why selecting a corporate video production company is paramount to the success of your video.

It’s a simple fact that if they see a direct benefit, your video sales presentation will appear more logical and emotionally appealing every time.

Here are some questions to consider when creating your sales presentation videos.

  • How long should it be?
  • Should my video be scripted?
  • What kind of wording suits my target audience?
  • How familiar is our prospect with the material I am presenting?
  • Is humour okay to use?
  • Does the local area have specific needs I can leverage?
Crush Your Competition with Data in Your Video

Sharing data in a video sales presentation is hugely worthwhile if you’re statistics crush your competitor’s numbers. In sales, especially high-ticket sales, research is a key to creating separation between you and your competition.

If your data shows how your features create benefits that far out-weigh your competition, the odds are ever in your favor that your audience will choose your company. However, if your data is lacklustre and you’re relying on your wit to close the sale, a tool like a video sales presentation will make your pitch all the better through simplification and enhanced momentum.

Highlight Your Unique Brand

Too many sales presenters oversell their products and services, and appear as show offs. Your prospects want to form a relationship with your company. If you’re the person they will have to talk to on a regular basis, why would they work with you if they don’t relate?

Many companies are too detail oriented and want to show you everything that is great about their products. Focus on making a strong bond with your audience and let your video production company create a persuasive sales presentation video to do the work for you.

You can use your sales presentation videos to simplify your product and service and create another strategy to get into the mind of your clients. This simple strategy acts like having a developer alongside when you deliver your pitch, so you can focus on the rebuttals of the CEO rather than the minutiae of the product or service.

Right now, very few companies are utilising this technology to enhance their sales presentations. Content is king, but sometimes it’s not enough during a presentation.

What to Do Before Selecting a Video Production Agency

The first thing to keep in mind when selecting a video production company is your target market. If you don’t accurately describe your ideal customer to your corporate video production agency they won’t create the right video. They need to know if your customer is detail-oriented or whether they appreciate humour. These little details may seem insignificant to you, but trust me, they are not.

The next point is to identify your competition and separate your videos from theirs. If their video is animated, then use real people. If they use classical music then use something more fitting for your brand.

Make sure the video is uplifting and energetic. If it’s flat or corny in any way your audience will discredit your opinions and possibly move in another direction.

Video is not a trend. It’s an effective strategy to ignite your brand. This style of video is rising in popularity. If you surprise your customers on your next sales presentation with a video, you’ll surely increase your sales this quarter. For more information on video production, check the rest of our blog.